German-born famous fitness model Metisha Schaefer is one of UCA’s Allianz Partners!

With 1 Million followers on Instagram and 2 Million more followers on Facebook, Germany’s succesful „Kim Kardashian“, Metisha, continues to shine her star with acting, as well as her successful influencer and fitness modeling career for years.
The star model of Turkish origin and also as an owner of Masters Degree of Journalism, who rose step by step with the right decisions and great effort, also made the right choice in investment and became a UCA Allianz Partner!

UCA and Metisha will continue to shine together!

UCACOIN, the greenest coin in the world, takes it as its duty to stand by the world and future generations on issues such as forest fires, melting of glaciers, global warming, earthquakes, floods and environmental pollution.
When you buy UCACOIN, which is not from ordinary cryptocurrencies you know, it will play a role in the purchase of saplings of UCAFOREST forests that will be created in areas damaged by fires or barren.
With every €100 worth of UCACOIN you buy, trees will be planted on your behalf.
Thus, you will make a contribution not only for today and not only for financial gains, but also for the future and for the world.

And Metisha, as someone with this great awareness, wanted to do something meaningful for the world and decided to become a UCA ALLIANZ PARTNER!

Together we are stronger, UCACOIN for the future!