The evolution of money

Why cryptocurrency?
Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic image on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money.

Money is valuable merely because everyone knows everyone else will accept it as a form of payment. Bitcoin released in 2009 became the gold standard—so to speak—for virtual currencies.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies like the UCA Coin, i.e. the potential of the blockchain, that has a wide fascination in almost all layers of the population. Even if we are still in the early phase of crypto (r)evolution, the first blockchain-based business models will soon be successful in the mass market and restructure entire industries.

Every third person considers cryptocurrencies. Above all, independence from the monetary policy of the central banks, high returns and anonymity make digital currencies interesting for many.



Direct exchange of goods or services for other goods or services.


Direct exchange of goods or services for gold and the other way around.


Created exchange medium to define common value and an easier exchange.


Paper money is easier to create and provide the same value as coins.


Easier handle of money, minimal production cost, easy money handling.


There is no physical money in this transaction all is only digital.


Digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange with strong cryptography to secure financial transactions.

The concept behind

The UCACoin design

The UCA philosophy was also reflected in the design of the coin and logo.

The UCA coin as part of everyday life in small ( symbol of an atom) to large (stars) shows that there are no limits to the UCA coin. The global connection of all elements of the universe in connection with the UCA logo is shown on the front.

On the back, four people interlock with the help of the Celtic knot. The Celtic knot symbolizes lines that represent infinity and stand for loyalty, friendship and business.

The UCA Coin connects: the future with the past, the world and its people.

Let’s Watch a Video!

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White Paper

Ucacoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency for ordinary people, easy to use and acquire.
Ucacoin is fork of Pivx, improved with some of the following features:

  • Segwit protocol applied:

    fast transaction aprox. 300 tx/s

  • DNS hardcoded

  • Consesus by masternode

  • POS 3.0. stake fixed

  • Instantsend

    Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transaction

  • Wallet

    Intregated BIP38, multisignature, blockexplorer, wallet repair and multisend functions in wallet

  • Transaction

    Low transaction fee

  • Type:


  • Block time:

    60 seconds

  • Block size:

    3 MB

  • Min Stake:

    10 hours

  • Transaction confirmation:

    15 blocks

  • Max Supply:

    21 Billions

  • Masternode amount:

    150.000 UCA


Get UCACoin

How can I get UCACoin?

Download App

With the app you can immediately receive UCACoin from others even if you do not have any.

Trade it

UCACoin is listed on 4 Trades: FINEXBOX, Crex24, Stex and VinDax, where you can exchange your UCA to fiat or to other currencies.

Alliance partner

As a business and alliance partner you accept UCACoin payments from all around the world. Direct wallet to wallet transfer. And thanks to United Crypto Alliance you will be discovered by all our members.

Available on App Store and Google Play, for Windows, Linux and Mac

Download the UCACoin Wallet
and manage your coins

How the mobile app works

Download App

Download the app to your mobile form the google play store or from the apple store directly.

Receive UCA

On the bottom menu, navigate to “Receive”. It displays your public key and QR code what anyone can scan and send you the amount of UCA they want or you have requested.
Or if you want to request a specific amount of UCA, you can add the amount and generate a special QR code for this fix amount. Then they scan this QR code to do the transaction.

Pay with UCA

To pay with UCA you need to have the public key of another wallet.
You can either type or paste this key in or, on the top right corner there is an icon to scan a QR code. Once you gave wallet has the address, you just fill out the amount and click send and the coins will be transferred.

Export keys

To make sure you have always access to your wallet, you can export your private key. Go to “settings” then “show private address” and copy your private key.
You can print it out you can save it to another device so in case you lose your phone you can access your wallet again.
WARNING: who ever has access to your private key can access to your wallet! Keep it safe!

Get the UCA Wallet on Apple Store or Google Play

Start with UCACoin today!

The mission of the United Crypto Alliance is to unite businesses and individuals towards the same goal: to create a new global currency.

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