United Crypto Alliance Webinar
17th of June 2020 7:30pm

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Premiere of our next step in the Clean Energy Project

We have reached an important milestone on the way to marketing clean energy. The pilot plant at the German Baltic Sea coast based on our revolutionary operating principle is online!

The responsible engineers will inform you about the results of the intensive work of the past few months and also introduce the new Internet portal for the retrieval of all performance data and operating parameters!

This gives you an immediate and unadulterated insight into the performance of the system, as if you were there yourself. Access to the portal will also be available to our community after the event. We will also show you the next steps until the start of sales.

–> Join the webinar with our Experts Ilhan Dogan, Bjoern Groenewold, Thomas Haak and engineers of our clean energy project! <–

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Language: German and English

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